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SARS Harassment & Brutality: The Best Possible Ways To Approach Them In Any Condition, Go Home With Your Life & Dignity.

Posted by on October 7, 2020 0


Hi guys and happy new week!

I know there’s nothing to be happy about in Nigeria. In the face of poverty, hunger, slavery by the government, security operatives harassment, brutality, intimation and oppression on the masses. But amidst all these, we thank God for life at least.🤦

Today, we are gonna be talking about Sars Harassment & Brutality: The Best Possible Ways To Approach Them In Any Condition, Go Home With Your Life & Dignity Successfully.

SARS harassment is no longer a news in Nigeria, it is a norm now and something we should by all means adapt to. Of course the Ogas at the top will always say something to calm Nigerians down while the killing continues.

On this SARS issue, do not take the statements of The Inspector General of Police serious; not even that of Mr. President Muhammadu Buhari. Same old stories yet nothing changes.

In all your doings and dealings as a Nigerian, make sure you don’t get killed. This is Nigeria, a lawless country, your death means absolutely nothing! People can only tweet about it for some few hours, forget about you the next minute and life goes on.

On one of my various publications on how to salvage the present situation, I mean the SARS harassment and brutalities on innocent Nigerians (the well doing youths especially) even though some of the victims ain’t innocent. Two Facebook users made a comment that caught my attention. (Deon and Osarem)

Osem said,

“The only solution I think is to conquer our fear. SARS gain more power when they are harassing someone and everybody just walks by as if nothing is happening.

Let’s say the moment SARS officials tries to harass someone, everyone in the environment especially youths surround their vehicle and demand for the release of the victim. Continue Like this and we would make them powerless”.

A valid point from Osemwengie. However, the risks involved is high and should be considered as well. These cultists and criminals in disguise called SARS, recruited by the Nigeria Police Force, are well armed and licensed to fire shot at will. Confronting such beings is not advisable.

Deon added,

“SOMETIMES it’s ABOUT your coordination and how you speak.

My phone has never been searched because my talk with them never gets to that point, they usually use moral to stop me but as soon as we start talking everybody go respect themselves.

Point in this post, look decent, talk well, introduce yourself with your full name and what you do then wait to hear why they’ve stopped you.

The only thing it will cost is your time but you go with your life and dignity”.

Deon’s opinion is apt! However, someone who already made up his mind to extort you, will never consider how coordinated you are in speech, dress or manner of approach. In fact, the more evidences you provide, the more polite you sound, the more angered he gets.

But then, he said “SOMETIMES” not MOST TIMES or ALWAYS. So Deon is right.

Another person here, an average Nigerian I guessed, posted this on his Facebook page..he said,

“80% of people who are agitating and soliciting for the movement of #ENDSARS are the one who involve mostly in illegal businesses. Don’t endsars reformSars”.

Lol. See ehn, I don’t wanna sound harsh or rude throughout this article, besides everyone is entitled to their opinion. But this very one is obviously coming from an insensitive and ignorant lazy youth.

Where I live, nothing like SARS or police harassment. In fact I haven’t been harassed by any security personnel before but here I am agitating, risking my life with random EndSars posts for the sake of those who experiences it daily.

Yet some people who needed the #EndSars movement the more, go just open mouth Waaaaa and be talking nonsense. Oponu.😏

Like I said on one of my previous article over this SARS wahala, I said,

“If a SARS man forcefully withdraw money from my account, I can get my money back effortlessly. I will walk to my bank or call customer service agent. I know what to tell them and the recipient account will be frozen immediately. Not everything worth arguing or fighting for. Most times, play along with people on certain things. Do like Mumu. Go home, strategize and strike codedly. They can’t escape it. No go follow man wey hold gun dey drag. Life no dey two”.

I know some of us are eager to know the possiblity of that, while some doubting Thomas don dey doubt already. Lol information they say, is POWER! But never to worry, I will tell you how to do that on my next post. Titled: “How To Successful Retrieve Your Money Back From SARS Men & Scammers Effortlessly In Two Ways”.

With that, coupled with Osas and Deon opinions, you can escape SARS harassment and brutalities. No go follow man wey hold gun dey drag. Life no dey two my brother. In other words, cooperate with them as much as you can.

You know how to speak English, fine but shove it in somewhere and lower yourself to their standard/level at that moment. Most of these Nigerian security operatives are stack illiterates. Follow dem knack Pidgin English with a smile on your face even though you are pissed already.

You know your right and have freedom of speech, fine..we all knows our rights and have freedom of speech equally. But may I remind you that your right and free will of speech as a Nigerian, has been taken away from you by the government? Especially under the present administration? The president Buhari-led government of Autocracy.

Use your head my brother. I repeat. ‘Make sure you don’t get killed. This is Nigeria, a lawless country, your death means absolutely nothing!’

Still on one of my posts on this same SARS wahala. I was like,

“Okay, I heard that SARS men no longer accept mobile transfer from their preys. That they forces the person to a nearby POS or ATM for withdrawal. And by so doing, it’s untraceable”.

Someone, immediately dropped the below question under the post. He asked,

“If the person no come get money for account nko? And dem force the person to withdraw?”

My response was ‘DEATH’. Because I don’t know what else would happen to anyone they took the ATM or POS centre and there was no money in the person account to be withdrawn. Oh may God help us in this country.😪😭

You can imagine the country we are living in. Please always cooperate with these Cultists and criminals in disguise called SARS while we wait for our clueless leaders to put an end to this. If at all the can.

Meanwhile, the below photo is what the Anti Special Robbery Squad (SARS) of Nigeria look like.

See photos

Now tell me the difference between these guys and arm robbers. Cry for Nigeria!

Stay safe humans.😪 #ENDSARS


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