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VM LIST!! MUST READ!! 10 Mistakes Most Youths Makes In Their 20’s That They Regret For The Rest Of The Life

Your twenties are the most important years of your life. The choices you make in those years go a long way in determining the outcome of your later life.

As strange as it may appear, a bulk of the decision that one makes in his/her entire life cycle lies in their twenties. Once you get it right in those years, it becomes a less bumpy ride all through your life’s journey.

Nevertheless, if you make too many wrong decisions, it becomes difficult to navigate through the difficult situations those most likely results from previous bad choices.

The puzzling aspect of these delicate years in a person’s life is that they are not the only people making that mistake or those mistakes as the case may be. If they dare to look behind them, they may find a long line of people queuing up to make that same mistake.

It has become a popular view that most people in their twenties are likely to encounter similar challenges. This is the reason why they make similar mistakes.

I’ll be sharing the 10 very common mistakes most people make before they turn 30.

Let’s go 👇

1. Spending Foolishly

Most youths in their twenties hardly have discipline when it comes to issues pertaining to money spending. Once they earn or are given money, the first thing that comes to mind is getting or purchasing things that may not be very important.

They live mostly in the present and forget about saving up for the future just to satisfy a current craving.

The effect of this in the life of that individual goes a long way in affecting their spending culture in the future. They end up forming the mindset of “spend now, worry later”.

2. Staying In Unhealthy Relationships

Some relationships might have clearly hit rock bottom even at the early stages but most people in their twenties fail to swallow the bitter pill all in a bid to live the model life of ‘relationship goals’.

By a healthy relationship, I don’t mean romantic relationships alone. It encompasses both friendships and otherwise. Any relationship that doesn’t add value to your life is unhealthy.

It doesn’t necessarily have to reduce your values but stagnancy is not a good sign of friendship. Each person you surround yourself with should have a specific use and if it is one that is not of value, you should not waste your time investing in such a relationship.

3. Sticking To A Dead End Job

Most people in their twenties are in a hurry to get a job even if they know it is not one that would boost experience in their chosen career path or one that would give them an opportunity to grow after a period of service.

There is no need to stick to or dedicate time to pursue a job that you don’t intend to focus on in the later stage of your life. Your focus should always be long term and not short term.

4. Giving Up Their Dreams For Fear Of Failure

Fear of failure is a major problem amongst under 30’s. They are quick to give up what they love so much because they feel inadequate or not good enough.

Most of them struggle with the question of ‘what if’s’ and restrain themselves from taking the risks or giving certain opportunities a try.

This is usually a major regret they have to leave within their 30’s.

5. Being Affected By Discouragement

For every opportunity or choice presented, there is always a counter opinion. It becomes your choice to shun the ones you think is not the best and make the decision that you feel is right after logically examining the choices you have.

Most times, young people are quick to drop their dreams just because they were not validated or they were mocked by others.

They forget that people with little ambitions don’t recognize good things. If a friend tells them their ideas is not valid enough, they tend to believe them and drop their dream.

6. Trying To Fit In On Social Media

In the present digital society, peer pressure is the order of the day. Most under thirties adjust their lives to suit the lifestyle of other folks or peers they encounter on social media.

The effect of this is low self-esteem when they fail to meet up with the standards they see and unhealthy competition that lingers beyond their twenties.

7. Thinking With Talent And Education Alone, They Can Become Successful

Education and talent are very important but believing that they are the most important are highly ridiculous. There are other life skills that determine your level of growth and success.

If you fail to realize this during your twenties, you might be at risk in your thirties and beyond because you have unfortunately carried the wrong notion about life and success.

Majority of young people are spoon-fed with the idea of talent and education being the two tickets to success but are shocked when they learn the hard way that there are other major aspects to attain success.

8. Focusing On Love And Relationships At The Expense Of Career Growth

While it is a beautiful thing to find a partner or love interest during your twenties, it is not the most important.

Once you focus on personal and career growth, building other relationships will be a walk in the park.

9. Failing To Invest

Investing makes money grow. Most young people do not understand this fact because they hardly think of securing their future. Most time they focus on vague arguments like Davido’s father net worth and the rest of them.

They do not realize that in your 20’s, you have fewer responsibilities or less responsibilities than you will most likely encounter in the future. This is the best time to kickstart your investment journey and grow your finances beyond your pay cheque.

10. Living Beyond Your Means

Peer pressure is the mother of certain decisions. When you try too hard to fit in or be like others, you end up sacrificing too much, especially when your folks are among the richest politicians in Nigeria or any random rich individual.

Some go as far as borrowing money or flashy items just to measure up to standard. This character most times crosses over with them into their thirties and beyond and this affects the overall lifestyle of their later years.


The foundation of the problem or challenges people in their thirties face or are currently facing is tied to the previous decisions made in their twenties.

So, if you are still in your 20’s, you still have the chance to retrace your step, avoid all these we listed above and you will enjoy the rest of your life.

Nevertheless, if you are already in your 30’s, it is not too late to take the wheel and gain control of your later life. You will still be great if you can be tough on yourself and do the right things.



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